Sunday 23 August 2015

Wyld Stallyns!

NO! Not those Wyld Stallyns, THESE wild stallions...

Or by way of explanation, 21 x Perry Miniatures early Crusader horses soon to be taking on a role as mounted troops for my new SAGA Norman warband. In total it will be a warlord, one hearthguard and two warriors - a nice 3 point chunk in one go in fact.

Those who know me know I love Perry stuff and have a load of it. They're a great price, shipping is very reasonable and they are historically spot on. *However*, they are also invariably poor quality castings in terms of flash and clean-up required (2.5 hours for this lot!), plus they continue to pack them in the horrible fluffy crap that catches and sticks to the aforementioned flash. Honestly, if they would do something about the latter they'd be close to the best vendor going around...

Stay tuned for more next week!



  1. That's quite a lot of horse flesh there and you're off to a good start!

  2. Look forward to seeing the end result. Not tried SAGA yet but Normans cavalry are usually a good choice for getting stuck in.
    That fluffy stuff is a pain and sticks to everything but it makes great smoke effects for the games table.

  3. That's quite a stampede you've got going and I know exactly what you mean about the flash - so frustrating.

  4. If I tried that, I would be destined to fail most egregiously...

  5. Dude. Looking good. I agree with the perry comments but the fluffy stuff does have it's uses - beards

  6. A nice herd, Millsy.
    I'm looking forward to seeing them painted.

  7. As Johnny R. so appropriate stated above, "Excellent!" dude. Nice variety of horseflesh.

  8. Thanks folks. Good to see so many people getting on board with the B&T theme. Until next time, be excellent to each other!

  9. Yeah the Metal castings can be a lot of clean up from them. Warlord are are worse though.


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