Saturday 28 November 2015

Paint(ed) Table Saturday - 40K Catachan Armour

Not so much Paint Table Saturday as PAINTED Table Saturday and that can't be a bad thing right?
A finished project is a thing of beauty no matter how small and these two powerhouses of the jungle were finished up this morning.

Hellhound Chimera APC variant and Leman Russ Demolisher variant

I posted about these a little while back, when I talked about what needed to happen before the painting could start. I'm pleased to say the prep work was well worth it and I'm more than happy with the finished items.

A dark green base coat has been overlaid with several lighter coats and then a sponged black/gray camo pattern applied over the top. Despite Evan's cajoling I decided to stick with a two-colour camo as I don't really like three-colour on 40K vehicles.

Exfoliatus is a Leman Russ Demolisher, just the ticket for clearing a path through the jungle and taking on weapon pits, strong points and other nastiness including enemy armour. She was the worse off of the two when she arrived and required serious surgery in the war forges before being fit for battle once more...

Ole Smokey is a Hellhound Chimera APC variant, just the ticket for flushing infantry and creepy-crawlies out of the undergrowth. Or perhaps better still, simply BBQing the whole lot at once and being done with it once and for all!

Both still need another coat or two of Dullcote to hide the last of the decal shine but as I've run out of the damn stuff yet again that will have to wait.

Next up, three Sentinels and an odd Ogryn Bonehead and I'm all done for 2500 points, just in time to start the Painting Challenge once again.



  1. What a transformation! I can't believe that these are the same models that you were hacking to pieces, absolutely tremendous!

  2. Nice work, even in the absence of tan.
    ; )

  3. Lovely finish on them Millsy!!!

  4. They look great! The hybrid hell hound is still my favorite more than the new and the forgeworld. It's not even the heft. It's the businesslike ruthless look.


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