Saturday 14 November 2015

There, I fixed it...

With the infantry component of my 40K Catachans 99% complete I've been umming and ahhhing about whether to add a little steel in the form on some AFVs. The canon dictates that a pure Deathworld force is foot sloggers only with a few Sentinels for support. But I'm not doing a pure Deathworld force so in the end I compromised and bought a couple of vehicles. I will at least however restrict myself to weapons and upgrades that make sense in a jungle environment...

Unfortunately despite my best efforts I couldn't see a few issues with the Leman Russ Demolisher before I purchased it on eBay. The right-hand track assembly was very mis-alinged and the two plasma cannon sponsons were both out of position and in one instance so badly assembled as to have big gaps all over. I could quite easily have filled the gaps, ignored the rest and just painted it but I just *know* that down the track I'd have been annoyed with it every time I looked at it.

Before I could do anything about said issues I was forced to deal with this...

You don't have any plans to work here tonight right?

Once Olivia Jigger has been removed I was able to do this...

Getting that track assembly off was a bit of a nightmare and the balance between not doing damage to the model *or* myself was a fine one. The sponsons were even harder. Based on how it was assembled and the glue used I can only assume the previous owner was a juvenile chimpanzee with learning difficulties and motor control issues. Or maybe just someone who didn't care that much at all. Honestly, I don't really mean any of that but I am terminal cynic and love to overstate things :-). The way it was assembled mystifies me a bit as it would be harder to bugger it up than to get it right given the grooves and lugs that align things (or should)?!?

Three hours of work later and we have this now...

Straight tracks, correctly aligned sponsons and no more gaps. Even better all my fingers are still in place and most of the extraneous super glue has now peeled off (me that is). Winner! Next stop is the paint station.

Before I go a couple of quick things...

I woke this morning to the horror of what is going on in Paris. My thoughts are with all the emergency services workers there and especially the victims and families of these terrible acts. If there is any justice in this world the individuals responsible will be found and made accountable for their cowardice and cruelty.

Secondly, if you can spare a [insert your currency here] or two I'm doing Movember again this year. You can sponsor the hideous creation adorning my head here...

Til next time...



  1. eBay and other second hand buys can really be a nightmare sometimes. Naturally the pic is always taken from the only good angle and you don't realize the mess before you receive stuff. Luckily you got it fixed quite nicely!

    1. To be fair I don't think the seller was in any way trying to hide defects. Photographing flat black is never easy.

  2. Nothing like some good old stubbornness and upper body strength Michael!

  3. Nothing like a bit surgery to sharpen your reflexes - at least now you know it is done properly.

  4. Your plastic surgery skills are most impressive

  5. Well done on re engineering it without injury!

    And top marks for the Mo... I gave donated and shared it on facepalm for you too

  6. Replies
    1. Now it is. Initially I feared 'twoud be a Lemon Russ :-)

    2. He's here all week, ladies and gentlemen! Try the fish!

  7. Thanks for the positive comments folks!

  8. Yes, my OCD would kick in every time I used it or looked at it too. Sometimes you just have to bit the bullet and do it. Great result though, and you'll be much happier.

  9. Excellent work on this tank. You really performed a perfect job.


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