Saturday 30 April 2016

Paint Table Saturday: ECW Scots Foote

These last 16 miniatures for my ECW project have been lurking in a cupboard for a good long while now. Without any command figures I just couldn't see much point in painting them, however I found a reason early this week...

Tomorrow Paul (of The Man Cave fame) and Alan (of Dux Homunculorum fame) are visiting Chez Millsy along with one or two local lads for a big ECW battle. I spent a couple of hours last weekend lovingly crafting a scenario which I duly fired off to the crew.

Mid-week I set to working out which units I'd need and realised I'd goofed - I was one unit of commanded shotte short. Never one to admit I can't count (is this an admission?) I had to paint another unit sharpish. They're done now and I'm sure will embarrass Paul by running for their lives at the first enemy volley. Oh well...



  1. Lots of pics and a full AAR then?
    ; )

  2. These Scots look great, beautiful job and nice project!

  3. Lovely job Sir and I'm looking forward to hearing of the big bash in due course.

  4. Excellent commanded shot! Looking forward to seeing these and the bulk of your ECW collection in battle.

  5. Very nice! Sounds like a fun game is in the works.


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