Tuesday 26 April 2016

Scratch built 1930s English petrol station & workshop Part III

Things have progressed nicely over the last week or so and I've now just about completed everything I wanted to do. The last few days have seen me both build and paint both the office/shop to go with the matching workshop.

I've also added a pair of scratch built petrol pumps, a couple of barrels and some gas bottles to scatter about and add character. In time I'm going to some other paraphenalia like signage, a pile of old tires and an oil tank but that'll have to wait.

Here's how the new items look. I'm especially happy with the pumps. They were deceptively easy to knock up from MDF offcuts, some wire and a couple of shell-shaped beads.

We tried them out on the table yesterday and they worked a treat. Very happy with them indeed.



  1. You are a clever chap Millsy. All these additions look absolutely splendid, but we are going to need to all naked flames well away!

  2. Smashing work, those pumps are genius!

  3. Wonderful work Millsy! Love the pumps.

  4. Nice scratchbuilding Millsy :)

  5. Inspired stuff, the use of those shell beads especially so! Arcane powers, I tells you!


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