Tuesday 19 April 2016

Workbench update

Apart from the terrain building I've been indulging in of late I've also regained enough of my after-work mojo to get back on the brushes. This might in part be due to purchasing a metric sh1t-tonne of minis I shouldn't have but whatever gets you motivated right?

This week I've been back into the seemingly never ending Savage Orc project and made some inroads on the second batch of boar riders. They're coming along nicely and will soon be ready to embarrass themselves on the table top.

At the same time I've been indulging myself in a little Oldhammer goodness. I've been picking up 80s Chaos Warriors on and off for a while now but have held off painting them til post Challenge as they take a lot of effort given I'm painting them one at a time. I've let myself go a bit with the palette as you can see both as a bit of personal challenge to try new stuff but also in an attempt to get that real Realm of Chaos crazy vibe going.

These are a joy to paint. Every one has a personality all his (or her, or it's) own. Their names from the catalogues are pure gold too. This lot includes left-to-rigth: Chengis Crump, Arack, Krayos Dleth, Xarytus Deathflail, Sir Gilgal de Appliance (candidate for BEST. NAME. EVER!!!), I can't remember (not his name!) and Gladstone the Large . There's another eight still to go so I've still got plenty of scope for brown, purple, pink, orange and whatever else I can dream up. :-)



  1. Those Chaos warriors are lookin very sharp indeed. And I agree, that appliance dude takes the cake for names :D

  2. Great looking Chas warriors. The name is great although I do have an old Citadel Viking whose given name was Halfdan the Chunderer

  3. Ah yes the old, can't paint, buy more miniatures routine Michael, we have all tried to convince ourselves that this works! :D These are lovely though and clearly doing the trick of getting you motivated again.

  4. Ha! My favorite memory was looking at the citadel catalogs and wishing I had them....and of course the names they game them all. The casualty names were pretty good too! ;)

  5. I'm looking forward to see more of those really classic miniatures.

  6. LOVE those Chaos Knights and you're right, the names are brilliant.

  7. Ah, nostalgia... Those halcyon days when you could paint your Chaos warriors (tm) any colour you damn well pleased, GW had a sense of humour and didn't get hung up on the background fluff,and White Dwarf was actually good!

    Thanks for the blast from the past, Michael!
    : )


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