Sunday 29 May 2016

Chariots of Waaagh!

The chariots I blogged about yesterday are all done and dusted now and the crew and suitably modified, primed and ready for painting. Here's how the chariots themselves look finished up.
I'm rather pleased with them...

Barring any UXBs* the four crew miniatures are the LAST savage orcs I will paint for the army.

To be truthful the likelihood of that being the case are remote to say the least but it will be a good long time before I revisit this army I think. I'm already giving my large unpainted Empire collection the glad eye after all even as I finish these up.

* UneXpected Buying. Thanks Sir Michael for that little gem.



  1. Well done Millst! Watch out for those UXBs.
    Cheers, Peter

  2. Very nice mate- reckon they would double up nicely for some sort of fantasy chariot racing game too!

  3. Gotta love the look of Orksy warmachines :) Especially the older ones. Suitably ramshackle!

    Great paintjob too. Can't wait to see them with the crew done

  4. They are really lovely Millsy, fabulous job Sir. As for UXBs all going well so far this week, but we have just been paid! ;)

  5. Looking good.
    Very nice. Carry on.

  6. Really cool looking chariots. I like that the boars' mohawks match the chariot.

  7. I really love this "game of colours": red details on chariot- red on boars and purple on chariot and purple on the boars!

  8. Now if you just chop and lower the boars, you'll be set!
    ; )

  9. Thanks for all the positive comments folks


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