Saturday 1 October 2016

All hail Generalissimo Millsy

Contrary to popular belief I've not been abducted by aliens or arrested for jaywalking. I have in fact simply been working my proverbial @ss off. Thankfully I've managed to snare a few days off and have returned to something like an even keel.

Gaming has been the big loser in terms of lack of free time unfortunately. However, tomorrow we've got a big game of Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action kicking off which looks to be great fun. Russ and I gave the rules a trial run last week and really enjoyed them. More on that post-game...

In amongst that I've also jumped on board a new blog-based game by Clint from Anything But a One. I played in his blog-based age of sail game a couple of years back and had an absolute blast. If anything I'm looking forward to this one even more as it gives me the opportunity to go mad with power and exercise my dictatorial instincts as Generalissimo Millsy, benevolent despot in charge of the Glorious People's Democratic Republic of Millsystan. What could possibly go wrong?

All hail ME!


  1. you'll be going down quicker than a $5 hooker General!

  2. All hail the General, as you say what could possible go wrong.

  3. We don't recognise you authority .... Splitter...

  4. I for one welcome our new overlord and his magnificent hat.

  5. Bono Estente, El Presidente! Viva Republicca Democratia Militaria!


  6. I do hope you will have more time for all your Generally oriented activities from now on Millsy, cheerio old man!

  7. I hope you have some well-earned fun with your upcoming gaming! Toot-toot!

  8. Sounds brilliant. Cheerio, old chap!


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