Saturday 15 October 2016

Vale Bluebear Jeff

I've just discovered that Jeff Hudelson (aka Bluebear Jeff) passed away recently after a protracted fight against cancer. For those who don't know of Jeff he was a owner of the wonderful Saxe-Bearstein imaginations blog amongst other things.

During the course of my blogging experiences I've "met" an enormous list of talented, interesting and wonderfully generous individuals and Jeff sits right at the top of the pile. Always ready with advice and encouragement he embodied everything I have come to love in the hobby. It's hard to picture the imaginary 18thC without Jeff. He will be sorely missed.



  1. Very sad news indeed. We played a game or two via email about eight years back and spoke on the telephone a few times. Jeff was a real mensch. A great guy.

    Best Regards,


  2. Oh no! I knew he was in the hospital a while back and had just been wondering a few weeks ago how he was doing, but there'd been no update on his blog so I'd hoped that was good news. I am deeply saddened to read this - but thanks for passing on the info.

    1. Yes, I was in the same boat. There have been periods in the past where Jeff was off the air for a while but he'd be back eventually. This time unfortunately not.

  3. This is the second wargaming blogger I'm aware of who has fallen off the perch in the last week.
    Thanks for all the fun Jeff, you made a lot of people smile.


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