Sunday 23 October 2016

Imagination infantry regiments completed

This morning I finished painting two new 24 man regiments for Evan's imaginations army from the fictitious country of Velikye Byelgorodniya.

The first of these is the Kholodniyy Borscht infantry regiment in their glorious beetroot red jackets. Their regimental colour reflects their beetroot-centric theme as well...

The second unit is the Kapusta Zemlya infantry regiment, famous for their duck-egg green jackets (or should that be cabbage green jackets)?

The miniatures are all wonderful Front Rank stuff from their Seven Years War range. I really enjoy painting them which is probably a good thing as I have close to another 150 in boxes to do (and that's just the infantry!)

On the painting table at the moment to follow these will be a small unit of hussars for my army along with some foot artillery. If you are interested in our imagination project you can visit the blog which contains background info, maps, and our desperate attempts at humour.

Thanks for popping by!



  1. Wonderful uniforms and wonderful units!

  2. Great painting and uniforms.

  3. Great job Millsy! I'll wager that the Kholodniyy Borscht infantry regiment will beet their enemy into submission at every turn :-)

    1. Hang on there Paul, it's Evan who does the vegetable gags around here! :-)

  4. Oh I say, how wonderful Sir! I bet there was no rooting around for inspiration when it came to painting. :)

  5. Lovely uniforms on those chaps Millsy :)

  6. Thank you Michael, for kickstarting the Imagi-Nations project once more! The regiments look splendid!

  7. Great job! Love the flags :)


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