Sunday 18 December 2016

Classic Wargames Books Collection continues to grow...

Most of the time my insomnia drives me bonkers. There's a good reason sleep deprivation is considered a form of torture and an effective one at that. Just occasionally though it works in my favour, like this morning when I managed to find the mother of all fleaBay auctions to add to my Classic Wargames Book Collection.

Check this out... six titles from the Knight's Battles for Wargamers series in great condition and all in one auction. I've already got a copy of Saratoga 1777 but it's not in the best nick so happy to replace with the copy here AND add another five titles.

I also managed to find a copy of Dettingen 1743 in reasonable condition, leaving just Oudenarde 1708 and Minden 1759 left to complete the series. If you have either of these last two and would be willing to part with the please let me know via the contact form or by email if you have it.

For those interested in some background on the series the Lone Warrior blog has a well written and informative review written by Rob Morgan.

Recent acquisitions plus the six additional titles found today will boost the collection total to 83 books. There's currently another 39 on the wishlist, some of which are inordinately hard to find so patience (and perhaps more insomnia) will be required to assist in finding the remaining missing titles.

Edit: I've created a new page with my wishlist on it for those who are willing to sell or trade things I don't already have. Thanks Jonathan for kicking me into gear, I've been meaning to do that for ages...



  1. Looks like a very good haul there Michael! I have heard that they are very good books.

  2. I have four of the six in your latest haul. Mine were picked in new condition in an Ebay auction too. Very inexpensive. Did not know about either Dettingen or Oudenarde. How about posting your Wish List? Maybe we could help either keep an eye out for them or pass one along to you? I may have duplicates on your Wish List.

  3. I must wish you joy of your purchase Sir. They are fine little books.

  4. Cracking additions to the Hobby Library Millsy!

  5. I think it's time for an intervention...

    Well fleabayed, sir!

  6. Well I guess a sleepless night can be good sometimes after all! Nice additions to your library


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