Sunday 18 December 2016

Heroic Fighters of the Known World, Part the Second

Back in July this year I posted about how I'd managed to get my sweaty little grippers on a complete set of Heroic Fighters of the Known World. I was most pleased about this (to say the least!) and waxed lyrical at some length...

Today I finished painting four of the set of eight miniatures. I wanted to get these done before the Challenge kicked off as they're not something I want to rush. Here's how they appeared in the Citadel box art of the time.

And here's how mine look now they're got a new coat of paint. I had intended to take individual pics but it started to rain and I was lucky to get these groups shots in. Left to right we have Lord Aquila, The Moon Duke, Manfred and Ulrik Ulrikson.

At the time I acquired them I had intended to paint them exactly as they appeared in the box art. For some reason I became increasingly dissatisfied with that decision and in the end went my own path in varying degrees, keeping some elements and adding my own spin on others. I'm quite comfortable with the final paint job and won't be second guessing myself so all good.

There's no way I'm going to finish the other four members of the team before the Challenge kicks off so I'll have to see whether I'm inclined to spend time on them during or afterward. More on that when it happens.



  1. Great to see these old skool minis given a fresh lick of paint!

  2. What little gems these are Michael, truly splendid!

  3. Lovely old hammer figs to unleash on all those similarly old school Chaos Warriors you have Millsy!

  4. Awesome. Nice old sculpts very nicely painted. cheers

  5. They look great! Love seeing old minis get some attention.


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