Saturday 21 January 2017

55 Days at Peking... The Boxers are ordered

Loads of reading has continued to keep me enthused and a couple of days ago I sorted out the first order from Redoubt Enterprises. This comprises the majority of the troops for the Boxer forces. Given this is the larger block of painting I wanted it out of the way first.

Screwing up my eyes and clicking Complete Order before I fainted at the postage (45GBP!!!) I purchased the sum of 113 Boxers in various incarnations. When organised into units they will give me the following:

6 x 12 man units with melee weapons
2 x 6 man units with firearms
2 x 6 man units of Kansu Braves
2 x 6 man units of Tigermen
1 x cannon and crew
1 x "demolition rickshaw" i.e. portable bomb

12 units plus a couple of artillery isn't really a lot given the nature of how things pan out on the table but that's fine. Units will "recycle" as they break (a lot!) or (less often) are destroyed.

I've also put in a big order for 25mm round bases and some assorted carts from the wonderful Martin and Diane at Warbases.

Off and running!



  1. Woot woot! Incoming shinies! Looking forward to seeing this project develop :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing more of this project.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful initial project. Crush the barbarians!!

    1. Support the Qing, destroy the foreigners!

  4. Great figs but outrageous postage rates - Alan and I just bought FiW stuff them too...

    Looking forward too facing down those punts guns!

  5. How much postage? Wow but sounds like a great project.

  6. Ouch, that postage! Thatcher's Britain...!

    Let us know when they arrive, I look forward to seeing what they look like!
    : )

  7. Woow shiinyy. Can't wait to see this project starting to shape up! But bloody hell, 45 pounds for postage! And here I thought the prices our local postal service charges were ridiculous...

  8. can't wait for them to arrive at Chez-millsy's, I want to see them get the Millsy treatment so we can all have some more eyecandy mate!

  9. good stuff Millsy,, do you need to pay import duty too - I hope not!

  10. I know that 'click' feeling so, so well. I cringe EVERY single time. :)


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