Sunday 4 June 2017

Epic Armageddon City Terrain Repairs

Last weekend Russ and I played a game of Epic Armageddon and it was quite apparent that our city terrain was looking the worse for wear. It was based on thin card which had then had sand, black paint and a dry brush applied. In theory all good but the card was splitting, turning up at the corners and some of the building were coming free and suffering real life damage.

I decided I needed a break from all things cork so I spent a couple of mornings and afternoons pulling it apart, fixing to new timber bases and redoing the groundwork that surrounds it. There's still some work to go with some form of weeds / grass but otherwise it's good to go again now.

I've also sold off a couple of units of Empire plastic knights (for a great price!) and reinvested in a new Imperial Guard army. It'll be either Steel Legion or Minervans... or probably both depending on my mood :-). I had no plans whatsoever to do this until Russ and I played a single game. Obviously being on leave with too much thinking time is a dangerous thing. Like I didn't already know that...

So now its back to the Boxers, at least until some teeny tiny tanks arrive in the post.



  1. These looking great!
    Buildings, ruin and the gothic cathedral!

  2. Well they certainly look the business, nicely done Sir.

  3. That terrain takes me back... nice stuff.

  4. Great stuff! Epic is such a great set of rules.

  5. One of the great aspects of Epic is the terrain building. I have a few like that myself :-)
    In fact I have 2 large removal boxes packed tight with Epic goodness! They haven't seen the light of day for well over a decade though.. :-(

    1. Please send them over! We'll play with them. ;)

  6. Nice to see the old school card buildings. Maybe I should base mine? Your's look to have survive much better based!

  7. What a splendid and atmospheric city...wonderful!!

  8. Ah, yes, I remember putting those together from the original box set in the first place. Great to see they have been refurbished and are ready for action again :-)


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