Sunday 8 October 2017

Peking - The Russian Legation

Plowing on with the build of the legations for my 55 Days at Peking project, I have now finished (more or less) the build of the Russian Legation. Somewhat smaller than the British Legation, the overall footprint is something like 15" x 12".

I felt I didn't put enough effort into the British Legation from an overall detail point of view. That was party because I can fill the interior with scatter terrain, but partly I just wasn't sure how much to add. I'll go back and correct that later on but in the case of the build I went ahead and added more detail right off the bat including a moon gate and different roof profile. As before the first floor is optional.

Anyway, enough words, time to let the pictures do the talking...

The painting will commence shortly. I'm going with a green roof and ornamentation to reflect the Russian ownership. I'll also do the walls in two colours, a dark colour up to the divider and the whitewash above. Stay tuned!



  1. Great work again! Are these based off actual buildings, or are you starting from scratch?

    1. They are very much the outpourings of my fevered imagination mate! To be fair there's a fair influence from original photographic sources, but with the exception of things like the gate of the British Legation I'm making them up as I go.

  2. Very nice, and this wall is impressive...

  3. Great additions to your impressive project, Millsy!

  4. Looking fantastic Millsy - can't wait to see it painted!

  5. Cracking along nicely Millsy ..

  6. Another great looking compound!
    Best Iain

  7. Very nice, the moongate is a nice touch and makes all the difference !


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