Sunday 22 October 2017

The Old World Army Challenge

Super spiffy banner by Clarence of Quindia Studios fame

Not being a "Facebook person" I sometimes miss stuff that other folks see. The Old World Army Challenge is a perfect example of one of those things. I'd have been gutted to miss out once I realised what was going on. Fortunately the organisers (some of whom are fellow AHPC participants) were kind enough to allow me on board regardless of my lack of social media skillz. Cool huh?

Like Curt's wonderful AHPC, the Old World Army Challenge is a non-competitive style event intended to motivate the participants and to provide a platform for sharing and praising one another's work. That's the very essence of Oldhammer for me, an engaging, positive group of like-minded people having a blast together. Couldn't say no to that...

So I'm going to use this as an opportunity to kick-start my stalled Empire army. I'm rather excited to be planning and painting something that doesn't involve anything to do with Peking to be honest!

Oh yeah, and while I'm doing this I'll also be doing the AHPC for the sixth time, assuming Curt still loves me now I'm seeing someone else on the side. :-)



  1. Sounds great, oh Curt will still love you Gimpy, we all do!

  2. This sounds right up your street, should be a blast.

  3. Don't worry we have Curt's benediction on this!

    At least 4 of the Challengers are also member of the Analogue Hobby challenge ;-)

  4. What's the overlap on these events timewise? I know you're a veritable demon for work, but there are limits even to those with arcane powers...

    And yes, I'm signing up for this year's Challenge as well; too much lead on the pile not to!

  5. Sounds good and perfect for my reboot Chaos army. Cheers

  6. Awesome. Would love to do that sort of thing with a bunch of the old era Orks one day, assuming I can track down enough of them that is!

    Like Winter (for those in the other hemisphere), AHPC VIII is coming... :-)

  7. good to see you busy ! presumably not too hot to paint at the moment then!

  8. You flighty tart. I should have known you'd have a wandering eye. ;)

    It sounds like a brilliant event and I'll be watching keenly to see how you all get on with your various Oldhammer projects.

    We'll alway have Paris...


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