Sunday 26 November 2017

New look, Boxer Terrain and a Another Long Walk

Whilst out walking this morning it occurred to me that it has been a fair while since the blog had a face lift. I decided to go with a more appropriate theme for what's been my 55 Days at Peking Project, hence the new header, wallpaper and palette. Hope you like it!

So what's actually in the works for the project then? Well another couple of (smaller) legations once some modelling supplies arrive for starters. In the mean time I'm working on a couple of canal bridges, a piece of scatter terrain in the form of another moon gate and finally some other small scatter terrain resin items from TT Combat. You can't have enough "local colour" after all.

The Imperials are now getting some love in the form of some German Seebatallion and Russian Sailors from EMP Games. Wonderful service and although they needed a little cleaning up they appear to be lovely sculpts.

I also have some Japanese sailors in the post from Jim Bibbly, once again a very positive shopping experience and hopefully the product arrives soon!

Speaking of walking, I reversed my path from my last walk and then turned left halfway to head up Bees Nest Hill (of which we cannot speak as this is a family-friendly blog) on my way to Grose Head South. The view from the top is magnificent, well worth the 15km or so total there and back.

If I'd continued along this ridge I'd reach the trig point on the very end with a cracking view of the Nepean river and country beyond, before finally heading down into Yarrmudi at the foot of the escarpment. I've been considering that one for a while and despite the [deleted] hill in between I reckon that'll happen sooner rather than later.

And before I sign off, I've uploaded my first entry of the Old World Army Challenge, which will appear here in due course once it has had its day in the sun on the challenge blog.



  1. Those EMP figures are nice. I have the French Marines done with French Sailors in the painting queue. I like the look of the Russian Marines.

  2. New wall paper looks great and so do the views!


  3. Well I say, this is all rather splendid, what a lovely refurb!

  4. Nice looking terrain - both in miniature and in real life on your hike.

  5. Cracking country. Like the facelift, very nice

  6. I really like the new look of the blog, the terrain looks promising and the pics of your walks are really nice as well!

  7. Those bridges and walls look the business alright - though I think we'll have to look at finding a skirmish rule set which can emulate such films as 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' or 'The House of Flying Daggers' to ensure maximum utility for these wonderful pieces!

  8. Nice looking blog. I agree about ‘local colour’ as a necessity!


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