Saturday 21 July 2012

Song of Drums & Shakos French and British Project Part III

All done now and I think they look better for the dip and the basing. Sure they are not great works of art but are solid and more than enough to have some fun games with. You can see the effect that the dip has made the white and obviously it works better on colour. But for these Peninsular veterans they now have their 'knees brown' or more specifically their trousers dirty!

Going British and French may be a bit clichéd but I have traditionally steered toward the 1809 and 1812 campaigns with Confederation troops to back up my French so the Brits are a new direction. Besides a redcoat is always good to try and recruit players who are only really familiar with Waterloo.

Just a broader comment on gaming supplies I have to say that my mind is most boggled with the variety of gaming supplies available these days. Again perusing a WSS I saw some decals coming out for Highland kilts, sock tops and dicing for the bonnet! Amazing what you can get these days and that is before we even consider the range of figures for even some of the more eclectic periods. All great stuff.

The next big step is the game of course and I will have to organise one of those soon.


1 comment :

  1. Very nicely done Sir; the dip certainly helps with that campaign look.


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