Tuesday 10 July 2012

Springtime for Hitler - FoW MW Grenadierkompanie

This is the beginnings of a Mid War Eastern Front German Grenadierkompanie for Flames of War. I've been wanting to do one for years and finally decided it was time. Not much else was interesting me and it was good to find something to spark my enthusiasm.

I'm kind of going about this backwards as my combat platoons are on back order and my HQ has only just arrived in the post. At least once I finish them I'll have the whole army done I suppose because I won't be able to play until I've completed the minimum requirements...

The crew figures for the guns are something of a mishmash. I've had some VERY unusual packing experiences with these including a wounded Russian in an 8cm mortar pack. At least he found a home in the bailed crew for the armour. ;-)

So here we have some regimental and divisional support platoons. Remember to click for bigger images.

PaK36(r) platoon
PaK36 platoon with transport
PaK36 with transport
I know the Kettenkrads are not legal in the list but I had them hanging about so they got painted...

Nebelwerfer battery

Nebelwerfer and command / observer
leIG18 light infantry gun platoon
StuG F/8 platoon

On the painting table at the moment I have the HQ, heavy infantry guns and some black pioneers. On back order I have two grenadier platoons, an MG platoon and a 12cm mortar platoon. I've got a couple of weedy lookin' Marder I's as well.

All up I should be able to do an easy 2,000pts with plenty of options for supports. The pioneers can morph into an Assault Group with various guns, flamers, MG, etc as options and the other support options can change in and out for plenty of variety.


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