Saturday 28 July 2012

Warhammer Dogs of War Light Cavalry

Thank goodness these are finished! The horses have been painted for quite a while but the riders have been giving me a savage case of painter's block..

The riders are a real kit bash. The legs and torsos are from the Empire Pistolier box. The arms are from the Empire Knights of the White Wolf box. The spears are from old-skool Empire spearmen. Helmets and shields are from various Mordheim sprues. Helmet plumes are from High Elves and the cloth helmet bands are green stuff. All up I think they come together OK.

I've never used light cavalry before but supposedly these are one of the better Dogs of War units. Whether that is the case for me remains to be seen. Now these are done I've got a full 1000pts completed. Not sure what comes next although it really should be one of the Regiments of Renown pike units followed by more knights I suppose.



  1. Lovely conversion and kitbashing work there Millsy. Sounds like your bits box took a real hammering.

    1. Thanks mate. I got lucky on fleabay some time ago and got my hands on 20+ frames of assorted Mordheim sprues plus a pile of White Wolf stuff too. That meant all I needed to buy was the pistoliers box and a few elf plumes. The pistolier helmeted heads went into some pike so I've had very good mileage indeed!

  2. Easily one of the best DoW units; but tricky to master. A light cavalry unit that doesn't charge the enemy rear, or at least take down a war machine or two isn't doing its job! They look very nice there...

  3. Stonking unit, really nice conversions and unusual choice going for the DoW, but all the better for that. Nice.

  4. Napoleonics, FoW, and now back to the Dogs of War? Bloody hell, how do you find the time?

    Lovely work as usual! Just makes me realise how slack I've been lately...


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