Tuesday 17 July 2012

Springtime for Hitler - FoW MW Grenadierkompanie Part II

Hi All,

I'm still plugging away at my MW German Grenadier company for Flames of War. Since my last post I've finished some infantry and more support weapons.

You know the drill about clicking for bigger pics. Here they are...

HQ with 8cm mortars are light support weapons
Heavy infantry guns with command and observer teams
Full black pioneers with goliath and flame throwers
Another view of the pioneers
I won't ever use the AT rifles in the HQ so along with some ordinary grenadiers I mixed them into the pioneers to bulk them out to the full ten bases. I think they look cool in there

So that's all the support units complete now along with the HQ. I'm told it will be at least another two weeks til I get my combat and weapons platoons so I'll be painting other stuff for a while I guess.

For those who have found their way here from the Battlefront forums there won't be any more posts over there. I've decided to go with Forged in Battle miniatures for the combat and weapons platoons so I'll be showcasing them here only.


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