Saturday 5 October 2013

40K Techmarine and Servitors

My declaration of martial law on the painting desk seems to be working well. I've just finished another seven miniatures for my custom 40K Space Marine chapter. Given I have an Adeptus Mechanicus theme I simply have to include Techmarines and Servitors. Here's the first batch...

The half-and-half red/green colour scheme follows on from my chapter being half Dark Angels and half Blood Angels.

After a great deal of eBay foo I've finally managed to nab myself one of the larger Techmarine chappies with the full servo-harness. He'll be my HQ and accompanied by a further retinue of servitors. I'm also chasing down other Adeptus Mechanicus figures which won't do anything game-wise but will add to the fluff, plus I love the whole bio-mech cyborg theme of this part of the 40K universe and really enjoy collecting and painting these miniatures.

The remaining two miniatures are my customised Scout sergeant and another close combat scout. Now these are finished I can field a full ten close combat scouts plus a further five with sniper rifles. In total I'm now over 1,200 points painted. Slow progress but getting there.

Next up on the painting table... 28mm ECW command stands.



  1. Love your bright colors and wild looking cyborgs! If 40K plays half as well as it looks, I've got to try it.

  2. Now that's what I call tooled up! Awesome job Sir.

  3. Very nice stuff, as usual!

    Have you hit the magic 2000 pts yet?

    1. Not yet. Currently sitting around the 1,200 mark

  4. Fantastic work on all of these! I may have to get some Servitors after seeing how great yours look. Best, Dean


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