Tuesday 29 October 2013

Loki's Great Hall Giveaway - Great Scot!

One of the driving forces behind Bloggers For Charity (and all-round good bloke), Loki, over at Loki's Great Hall, is celebrating 200 rowers on his longship with a giveaway of this superbly painted and based limited edition Scots Warlord for SAGA.

As regular visitors would know, I have something of a penchant for SAGA Scots, and have already passed more than favourable comment on Loki's miniature; I will certainly be throwing my hat into the ring!

If you haven't been to Loki's before, get over there now and check out his many posts of interest; you won't be disappointed! And check out Bloggers For Charity as well; both Millsy and I have signed up for this worthy cause, and any support you can give is welcomed!

Stay tuned!



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