Wednesday 9 October 2013

Workbench update

I blame Cory. Martial law was in force and the workbench was getting cleared at a pretty darn decent rate. All going according to plan.

Then Cory mentioned Necromunda, and like any plan this one didn't survive contact with the enemy.
I looked at my existing painted gangs (Delaque and Pit Slaves) and decided I wasn't that interested in them right now. Then I looked at my half painted Ratskin Renegades and decided I wasn't that interested in them right now either. Then I remembered I had Cawdor stashed away and this happened...

Completed test ganger in front and first batch behind

The other ten...

Long rifle conversion. We allow extra weapons from supplements like Ash Wastes in our normal games

I expect I'll have all fifteen gangers painted over the next 48 hours so at least I can get back to clearing the workbench soonish. And in my defence you can see some paint on the ECW already. [ahem...]

In other news Ev is coming up this Friday for his first game of SAGA. Really looking forward to seeing his superb Scots warband and getting some great gaming under my belt.

And before I go, welcome to Gary Amos and Captain LOL who have joined us recently. Welcome aboard chaps!



  1. Great game that I never got to play as much as I wanted to.
    Peace James

  2. Nice looking bunch and getting that many figs off the painting table that quick is amazing to me. I'm looking at everything you've got there in the back of the table and am impressed by the breadth of your interests.

  3. Interesting figures, Millsy, Haven't played these rules myself, but sounds good. Dean

  4. Ah, Necromunda... or, as I like to call it, "Mordheim... IN SPACE!!!"

    Lots of fun, especially for the player who can lay down a withering barrage from a heavy stubber.

    I play Redemptionists, religious zealots who specialise in flame weapons, but at the cost of some serious ranged capability. They're great in hand-to-hand (as they should be, given their propensity for wielding two-handed chainsaws) but getting close enough to engage is the trick!

    As for Friday's SAGA game, well, what can I say? I have four points of Scots, and plan to use them wisely. or at least as wisely as my utter lack of tactical ability and proverbially poor dice rolling permit.

    I always learn a new ruleset better by playing the game, but I fear that Millsy runs a hard school...

  5. Nice figures and beautiful colors...but don't know anything about these rules, looking good anyway!


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