Saturday 26 October 2013

Necromunda Cawdor Gang Complete!

I finished the painting on these Necromunda chappies some 10 plus days ago. In an effort to maintain interest I tried something I don't often do - a more stark and high contrast painting style / colour scheme. I figured it suited the genre and I was up for something new.

So after over a week of doing nothing at all in terms of modelling I have *finally* managed to squeeze in a couple of small sessions at the modelling workstation. I wanted to put an extra effort into the basing so they look like they are fighting over the blasted wasteland that is the Underhive. Consequently we have broken pipes, masonry and all manner of robotic and other mechanical detritus lying amongst the ash, dirt and grass.

So here they are, Macbeth's Maulers in all their glory.

Leader, Heavies and Specialists including Long Rifle conversion.
Poor photo composition with a sword thrust up the hooter for poor old heavy stubber guy!

Leader, Heavies and Specialists rear view

Regular Gangers with a variety of weapons

Gangers rear view

Juves, including a leader with a broken sword arm who has been demoted to the lowest ranks...

Juves rear view

The gangs all here...

One final shot

And before I forget my manners, welcome to czaki, James Fisher and Carl...



  1. Bravo Sir! A top notch squad and no mistake.

  2. They look fantastic, Millsy! They are all so well painted that at first they look like they're all wearing a uniform, but upon closer inspection the different little details become apparent, and all the more impressive. Best, Dean

  3. Lovely Old Skool style on these chappies, what with the bold colours and high-contrast finish. makes me want to take another look at my Redemptionists!

    No doubt you're as glad as I am that the weather's been more temperate in the past few days!

  4. Love them. Like Ev above, I really like the high-contrast, super saturated look. Very cool.

  5. Thanks lads. I'm pretty pleased with them myself and very flattered by your comments. Considering everything that has been going on around here recently I really enjoyed a bit of modelling. It was like a little window of normality in amongst all the chaos and craziness.

  6. The old Cawdor figs are great models and a pleasure to paint. You've done a great job painting them up.

  7. Great looking gang, especially the rifle conversion


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