Saturday 21 June 2014

A little savage reorcanizayshun

I had a spot of jolly good luck on the interweb's largest flea market through the week and picked up a great load of Perry Bros era Warhammer Savage Orcs at absolutely knock down prices *. They were even in Australia which meant the postage was sensible and they arrived in short order. Woot!

The inevitable upshot of this is the need for a reorganisation of my plans for the army now that I've got substantially more troops than I expected to have. Cause that never, ever happens around here no sireee... This afternoon I've dragged out the current unpainted lead, mixed in the new stuff and reorganised things (yet again). Here's what I have to work with now...

Many, many, many orcs of da big waaaagh with a few unit fillers to be added to make up the 24s...

When you include the existing painted troops this gives me a rather large contingent of 141 x Savage Orc Boys a.k.a. SOBs...

1 x 24 SOBs Big 'Uns with Extra Choppas
3 x 15 SOBs with Bows
3 x 24 SOBs with Choppas

So do I actually need this many? Hell yeah! Will I actually use this many? Hell no. Well, maybe... Certainly 45 shooty boyz is far too many but at $1 each for nearly half of them I couldn't resist. I just keep telling myself megalomania is fine so long as it's on a budget. Stay tuned for... um... a LOT of green paint. :-)

* Good thing I said back in January I wouldn't be buying much stuff this year. [Ahem]



  1. Surely you can never have enough Orks? Plenty to keep you put of mischief there!

  2. That's about a week's worth of painting for you, innit?
    ; )

  3. Oh, what a catch! This will be a great one.


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