Monday 30 June 2014

Half Term Report

Back at the turn of the year I wrote my annual post about plans for the coming year. I don't normally bother with a six month review but I've been working at such a frenetic pace I thought it worth the time this year. Here's a quick summary of what I had planned and where it stands at the halfway mark...

Buy a minimum of new models / paint models I already own
I've gone and bought a pile more Napoleonics and old-style Warhammer Savage Orcs but they are at least getting painted. We do what we can I guess. My therapist says I'm making real progress. :-)

Become a better painter
More of an ongoing process but I am trying a few new techniques. Quite happy with how this is progressing. Still need to get my finger out regards the wet palette thingy though.

A division of Saxons in 15mm for my Napoleonic army
Done! Plus a two regiment cavalry brigade, some staff and attached artillery. I also managed another two batteries of French plus extra staff and some skirmishers. Better than I'd hoped for.

Saxons marching to glorious victory

The remaining grenadier platoons for my Flames of War 15mm MW German Grenadiers
In progress right now. I've been avoiding them due to some seriously ugly miscasts but I've knuckled down finally. The 12cm mortars and the MGs are done, leaving just the two infantry platoons. The first of those is half done too.

A very large number (200+) 28mm imagi-nation troops for both Evan and myself
Currently sidelined, as much due to both of us being more interested in SAGA right now as anything. That's my excuse anyways...

Complete my Warhammer 40K Space Marine chapter
Solid progress. A couple more units added, plus a bunch of command models. Not sure I'll finish this in the current calendar year as I'd forgotten just how much I'd bought. Gee, that's never happened before...

Paint two 28mm Royalist ECW cavalry regiments and a small Scots foote regiment
The cavalry are complete and some dragoons have also been bought but as yet are unpainted. I also managed to squeeze in a lifeguard for Rupert. The Scots are on the back burner as I've changed my plans in that department.

Make some 28mm terrain - grassed hills, proper roads and rivers
[Ahem!] That'd be a big fat zero on the progress-o-meter. Still, six months to go eh?

Make some small scale terrain - islands and coastline for 1:1200 naval, paint remaining resin buildings
The islands are complete and formed part of the super duper 40th birthday gift for Russ. Once we've tried them out we can decide what else we need.

Continue my Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War
Ongoing and will be most likely forever given how much of this I have. Another unit of five knights have been added though and I can feel the urge to paint some more stuff. I really must do a RoR pike unit next.

Finish my Necromunda gangs - paint the last 5 Cawdor, repaint my recently stripped Delaque and Pit Slaves, paint the last 10 or so Ratskins
Apparently it was 6 Cawdor not 5 as I discovered when I painted them. No other progress here as yet but I'm going to use these smaller tasks as "light relief" so they'll be slotted in as and where they fit.

And that's it. Not a bad effort in truth. The bigger jobs have quite a few already ticked off the list and with another six months left this might be a very good year goal-wise for a change.



  1. "Not a bad effort?" Understatement.

    That is an outstanding effort and many interesting projects of yours were worked in the first half. Watching for more in the second half.

    Great job!

  2. Quite an achievement there, young Michael! Let's review my total for the year to date;

    13 x 40K Orks, 4 x SAGA Scots Hearthguard, and one piece of terrain, viz. a Stone Cross.

    In your face, deadlines!

  3. Quite an impressive record for only a half years worth of work! Just waiting to see what you are able to push out on the second half then!

  4. Thanks lads. Progress of any sort is satisfying. Making a plan and actually sticking too it is a bit of a new experience!


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