Saturday 14 June 2014

Paint Table Saturday

Things are moving at a leisurely pace here at Chez Mills for a change. The last few weeks of mad painting for our big Napoleonic bash has left me a bit brush-weary so I'm just cruising through some small jobs to finish projects until I feel like diving back in properly.

This weekend I've been working on the last six of my Necromunda Cawdor miniatures and an odd bounty hunter. Here's the progress so far with a couple of already completed figs in the foreground to show where I'm heading.

Those who are curious can view the majority of the completed gang on this post. Once these remaining figs are done I'll have 22 gang members including at least one of every miniature produced. The good thing about having so many is I can also use them as a penal unit for my Imperial Guard 40K army once that gets off the ground.



  1. After a heavy painting push, it is relaxing to slip the speed back a notch or two.

  2. Sometimes a break from the norm is required to get the enthusiasm back, these look promising though.

  3. Given the fact that my normal speed is not exactly breakneck, I have absolutely no idea what you chaps are talking about... if I were to dial it back a notch, I'm not sure I'd be painting at all!
    ; )

  4. Nice progress, Michael. No need to feel in a rush, just enjoy the brushwork :)! Best, Dean

  5. Sometimes taking it slow really just speeds everything up as you can get back to things with renewed interest! Nice looking minis too! All the Necromunda stuff really looks great


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