Saturday 21 June 2014

Paint Table Saturday

Time for another edition of Paint Table Saturday on the blog. First up a welcome to Byron who joins the crew since our last shout out. G'day mate and welcome aboard!

This week I've been working to finish off the remaining miniatures from my Necromunda Cawdor gang. That's all done bar varnishing and basing. Thankfully they'll lose the gloss finish imparted by the ink and such.

And now that they're done I've started work on some Flames of War MW German Grenadiers. To begin with I'm working my way through the 12cm mortar platoon...

These are actually Forged in Battle miniatures as opposed to the official Battlefront ones. They're substantially cheaper but at least with the FiB material I've bought to date it's a case getting what you pay for. There were a large number of poor castings and overall I'd have to rate them a 4/10 with a few maybe at 5 or 6. The worst part of these was the repairs and new parts needed to be made for the mortars themselves. Perhaps the molds are on the way out?

Don't get me wrong, Battlefront and not the duck's nuts either by any stretch of the imagination but at least their castings are invariably pretty clean. Fortunately I've got pretty much everything I need for the army so I don't have to go through this again.



  1. Cawdors coming along nicely there!

  2. Lots to keep you out of trouble there.

  3. You're certainly keeping busy with some fine brushwork, Michael. Best, Dean


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