Sunday 24 May 2015

A bit of old school D&D paint work...

We've been indulging in a bit of old school D&D retro gaming of late, both Red Box Basic and just now 1st Ed AD&D (Temple of Elemental Evil - WOOT!).

For most of us it's a trip down memory lane and it has been sufficiently long that we don't remember the specifics of the modules but do remember enough rules to enjoy ourselves without too much thinking. For my 18 year old son it's all shiny and new and I'm enjoying immensely living it all over again vicariously through his eyes. That both games are producing such a reaction from a child of the video game age (he's doing a game programming degree!) is a tribute to the writer's ability and shows you the quality of what was coming out when D&D was in it's heydey.

All this has prompted me to break out some very old miniatures and repaint a number of them. I'm not working to any plan, just picking them at random and doing one or two a night to break up the block painting. Here's the output from the last couple of weeks. Kudos for those who can name the range/manufacturer for any of these...

Thanks for looking!



  1. Temple of Elemental Evil, so many souvenirs! Nice job...

  2. Nicely done! Some of these have a Grenadier Miniatures look to them, especially the ones with moulded shield designs. Am I close at all?


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