Tuesday 19 May 2015

The Chester Flying Column, British Union of Fascists 1938

Hello All,

I've been rather quiet of late but I've not been resting on my laurels. Firstly, I don't have any laurels. More importantly, I've not been resting anyway.

What I have been doing is beavering away at my BUF project for our VBCW campaign. I finished the painting and basing tonight and thought I'd throw a few quick photos up to keep things ticking over.
I'll take some better ones this weekend, but this will do as a teaser...

The force consists of a HQ, two flying squads, two transports with drivers, a HMG team and some armoured support.

Hot on the heels from painting Nug's BUF force for his 40th birthday present I'm pretty much over painting these right now as you can possibly imagine. Once I regain my composure and have a couple of games under my belt I'm considering a couple of additions - most likely some cavalry and maybe a heavy mortar.

Comments and criticisms welcome as always.



  1. Love it, and great touch with the artwork on the sides of the vehicles! Now I want to see an AAR on VBCW. Based on this army, it looks to be a blast!

  2. Great looking bunch! I really like the propaganda posters on the trucks, the color choice oozes menace too. They'd be great filler as minions in pulpy games too! ;)

  3. Great looking troops and beautiful vehicles, well done sir!

  4. Those look great. Colour scheme is distinctive, blue fab facings fab but not convinced about the trousers. To be honest they look better then my standard dark grey with red trim guys who have to walk everywhere. Also spotted a couple that are different to the set I got from the same supplier (Musketeer he says with no certainty from the depths of his memory), the woman and the guy standing on the rock. Do love VBCW, it's slightly bonkers. My Dinnington Miners Collective and Seaton Burn Fire Brigade (flame thrower armed obviously) would send them back home to mummy.

  5. Very nice work, they look fantastic! A good pair of jodhpurs always ups a person's fascist credentials :-)

  6. Boo Hiss,

    Lovely work there Millsy and I love the colour scheme of the uniform. Now what you need is a tailor made flag for them, lol, and then you are away.

    I cant wait to see these chaps as they march their way across the battlefield.

  7. Lovely work, Michael, Lord Sidcup would no doubt approve!


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