Sunday 24 May 2015

Eddie and Wallis

One more post for today - a photo of the completed Partizan Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson figures I mentioned yesterday. Lovely characterful minis with lots of detail. I've based them up as if they are at some sort of garden party, walking outside with the flower beds in the background...

That's it for the forces of the right at least for now. Back to the Reds for the next batch.



  1. Three posts in one day? This must be a record! Even I got caught up the frenzy!

    They came up a treat with the basing, though I must ask, what sort of garden party permits firearms? I can imagine the invitation; "Dress: Gentlemen, morning suits and top hats, ladies, afternoon dress and hats, pistols and submachine guns only"
    ; )

  2. Looks great! That pink looks amazing.

  3. Oh my, that is bright and I love them both.

  4. My eyes, my eyes, no actually these is blooming brilliant. I love the way that His Majesty is uniformed the same as your BUF and That Women is amazing and that dress is so fitting for her.


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