Saturday 22 April 2017

Map of Peking Games Table

I thought it was about time I worked out some rough dimensions and locations for the various legations, canal, roads and other important features on the table.

I've decided to go with three of my folding tables in parallel giving me a total gaming area of approximately 6' x 7.5'. Anything smaller and the various buildings just seemed to small for a 28mm skirmish game. Having decided on the overall gaming area I set to working out a rough map so I've got some idea of how much ground individual items should cover.

This is by no means set in stone and individual items will undoubtedly be slightly larger or smaller as they get built, driven as much by storage requirements as anything. My storage boxes are approximately 12" x 16" meaning the British Legation would fill one entirely and fill approximately 2/3 of another.

While this was germinating away I was also "building" some ruined buildings. I've assembled the basis of a total of four of those but unfortunately experienced my first modelling accident in the process. I secure the cork walls with steel sewing pins until the glue dries and whilst pushing one of them home the head split in two, meaning all the force was transferred to the finger immediately behind. The upshot was the pin itself was driven clean through the core of my right index finger and out the other side. Not too much blood and very little to see but it's as sore as h3ll and I can't do much including use the mouse, draw or even type very well at present. Oh how we suffer for our art :-)

I also popped into the local $2 shop today and managed to find myself a statue of Bhudda for somewhere on the table. Not sure whether that will form part of the Palace of Prince Su or a temple area. Either way it's another bit of colour...



  1. got to love a man with a plan

  2. Sorry to hear about the ouchie - hopefully you'll be back in action quickly :)

    This project is coming along nicely

  3. Hope you're OK after that accident - I winced when I read that bit!

  4. Ouch! You silly sod, that must have hurt! Hope you feel better soon and get back to the project you have literally spilt blood over.

  5. Ooh shades of 55minutes in Peking, can't wait ti see how it looks

  6. Wow! I have clearly not been paying much attention to your blog lately - how could I have missed all this work you've been doing on this project!? I am super-excited to see this and will be paying much closer attention! I've wanted to do a Boxer Rebellion game for ages - probably since I saw an article in Wargames Illustrated some 25-odd years ago (I think it was called 55 Minutes at Peking). Such a colourful period - you got all the Chinese (which are colourful enough on their own) but then you have an excuse to do a unit or two of just about every European power - and the Japanese!

    Ever since Men Who Would Be Kings came out last fall I've been thinking about colonial projects (I even ordered a unit of boxers from Irregular when I was picking up some Great War stuff). I doubt I'll get to doing the Boxer Rebellion for some time as I've decided I really should finish up painting all the colonial stuff I CURRENTLY HAVE before embarking on a new colonial project (That's a LOT of Zulus I have to paint... and... um... Boers... and all the other "Darkest Africa" stuff I have.... and... Do Space:1889 Martians count? they probably should... Perhaps I could do "55 Days at Oenotira"!?)

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments re my finger. Yes it did bl00dy well hurt but it's more or less fine now.

    There are very definite shades of 55 Minutes at Peking of which I have the magazine article and heave ready several times. I'll be pinching some of the ideas around event cards and resource management I suspect.


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