Sunday 9 April 2017

Warhammer Empire Flagellants

Hi All,

It's been some time since I've had any free time at all hence the deafening silence here on the blog. Yesterday was in fact my first day off work in 12. So you can imagine I was quite pleased to be able to see an exhibition of Egyptian Mummies from the BNM, have a brilliant Brazilian BBQ lunch and then get these chaps finished off. I almost feel human!

The Empire of the Warhammer world is full of all sorts of interesting fluff and the Flagellants are right up there in those terms. These jokers are the gaming equivalent of the nutter at the street corner with the "End is Nigh" placard. According to the Warhammer Fantasy Wikia...
"Flagellants are the names given to those that have lost all hope for a dying world, and now wander the lands in marauding hordes, preaching the end is nigh and fighting the darkness with a fervor that borders unto insanity."
23 of the 24 are the original "classic" models, sporting blow-dried hair. I somehow ended up with one of the second edition metal models so he got a "promotion" as the unit leader a.k.a. Prophet of Dooooommmm.... That's him front and centre face-palming and wondering how he ended up here when all he wanted to do was thump the Book of Sigmar and give himself a d@mn good thrashing in his cell after dark. Whatever floats your boat and all that.

I'm pretty pleased with the ragged, grubby look I achieved with these without them looking too mono-tonal and uninteresting. You'd never know there are 12 different coloured tunics but there you go.

And before I go a quick net-gloat about by latest fleaBay snaffle. I've been after a unit of the Order of the Knights of the Blazing Sun for absolutely yonks and they've proven to be like the proverbial chook's choppers. Yesterday, however, Sigmar turned his blessed gaze upon my efforts and the following appeared (then near instantly disappeared) from said flea market.

How good is that? A full ten of them including command and in MINT condition. And it only cost me ONE limb! :-) Added to my Reiksguard, Knights Panther and Knights of the White Wolf and that gives me a complete set of all the knightly orders that were produced in metal. Happy days...

That's it for now.



  1. oh yes, Flagellants are one of the most interesting unit. Spirit of medieval climat.
    Great looking unit Michael!

  2. Lovely bunch of hair-metal whackos there, Michael - and the KotBS are a helluva find!

  3. They look superb Millsy and good to hear that they are letting you out and about again!

  4. Great looking unit. I love this project. Empire was my first miniatures army. I have a stupid amount of the models sitting in my basement. This is almost enough for me to start pulling them out. You are really doing these old models justice.

  5. Great stuff mate. Some serious hair product going on with those chaps - Its like an Empire "Advanced Hair" advert! Nice work Millsy, they look great

    I hope you get a good break over Easter and the time aside for one of your traditional big games

  6. Lovely looking unit of flagelents , is it me or do they have really big feet?!
    Best Iain

    1. You're absolutely right Iain, they do have massive feet!

  7. Thanks for the positive comments folks :-)

  8. That newer flagellatent is PERFECT for this regiment... he really looks befuddled as how he ended up where he is.

    Looking forward to the knights of the Blazing sun.


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