Saturday 15 April 2017

Peking in a Box - Terrain Part 2

Solid progress today has seen the first four buildings 99% finished from a build perspective. All have roofs now of varying types and a few other items like remaining doors have been added.

Thanks to Dave Docherty who helped me with the clay tile sheets. Couldn't find them for love or money down here in Australia but Dave came up trumps the minute I mentioned I has struggling!
They're dead easy to cut and fix and really look the business.

I decided the larger house needed a decent sized main gate which is both more appropriate for the size of the building but also allows for miniatures to move through the structure instead of having to go around every time.

I'm going to hold off painting these I think so I can do a big batch paint at some point. Saves cleaning up all the time and means I can have a bit more of a think about colour schemes.

I'm already feeling the temptation to start work on one of the legation compounds. Must resist that until I've got another box of other buildings squared away!



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