Sunday 31 December 2017

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

The turning of the year can only mean one thing... time to dredge back through all my "look at what I painted now!!" posts and collect them into one place. If you can stay the course and make it to the bottom then you'll win a signed copy of my enduring admiration or some such trifle.

Back at the beginning of the the year Glorious Plan Millsy was a lot less concrete than previous years, largely because the year before that was so successful painting output-wise. The plan basically consisted of attacking the Warhammer Fantasy Empire collection with gusto and maybe doing something new, like oh I don't know, a small project around 55 Days at Peking.

So how did it go??? The answer is... quite well. One thing that stands out is my focus on a limited number of projects. That is so very NOT me. :-)

Warhammer Fantasy Empire

Pleased to say I made real progress here. A pile of units have been completed and a few games played to boot. The Greatswords have proven to be real fighters and will be at the core of most armies I put on the table.

Total painted output was 108 infantry, 10 cavalry and a couple of artillery pieces plus crew.

55 Days at Peking

Another success I'm happy to report. Whilst I am yet to play a game (stay tuned) I have had a pile of fun building and painting terrain plus a fair number of miniatures as well. With a game on the horizon things are looking good!

Here's the map I made of the intended table, showing various key locations.


Total painted output was 60 regular Boxers, 18 Kansu Braves and an artillery piece plus crew.

Imperial Forces

Total painted output was 36 infantry and an artillery piece plus crew.


Total build and paint was two legation compounds, a shrine, several houses and other buildings, statues, vegetation, market stalls and more.

Other stuff...

A new light cavalry unit for our Imagi-nations project.

All the Epic 40K terrain was revamped and rebased.

And then to finish the year, a 3000 point Epic 40K Imperial Guard Steel Legion army.
47 vehicles, 2 aircraft, 12 cavalry bases and 20 infantry bases.

Glorious Plan Millsy 2018

Loads to keep me going in 2018 including...

  1. The continuation of the 55 Days at Peking project. I'm almost done with the Boxer forces and about halfway through the Imperials too. I still need to build a couple more legation compounds and some other pieces but everything should be finished by about mid year I think. Given every other 55 Days at Peking project I've seen online has been tackled by a club (vs. poor old me on my Pat Malone) I'm pretty pleased with where this is at.
  2. More and more and even more Warhammer Fantasy Empire. The pile is still huge and will keep me occupied for a long while yet. I may not finish these in 2018 but I'd be quite happy with another big chuck knocked off.
  3. Other stuff yet to be decided. I scored a copy of SAGA: Crescent and the Cross for Christmas so there's a good chance something will happen there. I've also been considering a return to the Sudan in 15mm or smaller. There's also the Imagi-nations project to continue with and the (now oh-so slightly smaller) existing lead pile for other projects too.
Thanks for taking the time to wade through this. Hopefully you found something you missed or at least enjoyed revisiting things you've already seen.

All the best for 2018 folks!



  1. You have stayed focused! I really like the empire force, and I’m watching the Peking stuff with intrigue, since I know nothing about it. Looking forward to a catch up at CanCon.

  2. Wow, impressive job all around, especially imho the artillery units, the Boxers and the buildings, splendid...Happy New Year!

  3. Fantastic year and many, many fun of hobby in 2018! :)
    best regards

  4. What a nice stash of painted lead you can look back to Millsy, great work. Happy 2018 mate!

  5. Impressive as always, Millsy! Love all of your work in 2017, particularly the Empire army - wow! Looking forward to your 2018 projects.

  6. Fantastic 2017 you had there. I'm looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2018! Happy New Year!

  7. What an achievement! You have every reason to be proud of your output for the last year.

    The less said about my own meagre offerings the better...!

    1. Thanks Ev! I think you should do a post of your stuff too, regardless of volume. The quantity might not be there but the quality surely is.


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