Saturday 16 December 2017

Paint Table Saturday

I've been jolly busy the last few days, completing another entry for the Old World Army Challenge
in this instance a unit of Greatswords for my Warhammer Fantasy Battle Empire army. That will hopefully be posted on the blog tonight and can appear here 24 hours later.

Spurred on by how well that particular effort ended up I started work on another unit, this time a unit of Halberdiers in the colours of Reikland. Not quite sure why I started them so close to the beginning of AHPCVIII, but now I have no choice but to finish them before the 20th or face spending precious Challenge time on something that won't generate points.

Anyway, I've already finished one third of them so I should be good to make my deadline. Certainly not my smartest work though... :-)



  1. Very nice, and I like your chutzpah in starting them before AHPC VIII :-)

    1. Hmmm... I think in this instance "chutzpah" should be spelled i-d-i-o-c-y but I'm nearly done so at least I've managed to beat my self-imposed deadline.

  2. Just don't exhaust yourself before the Challenge... oh, who am I kidding? You've probably got another regiment of Boxers and two regiments of SYW line infantry ready to roll at 0001 on the 20th!

    1. "You've probably got another regiment of Boxers"
      [Ahem!] Maybe there's one or two Boxers about the place...


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