Thursday 21 December 2017

More Boxer Rebellion Scatter Terrain

I've been working hard to clear a backlog of half-finished projects from the workbench over the last week to make room for AHPCVIII work to commence (which it has, more later in that regard).

One of these projects was more scatter terrain for my 55 Days at Peking project. Today I finished basing up a moon gate made from left-over scraps from other projects, plus a batch of lanterns and statues from TT Combat.

The TT Combat stuff is really nice indeed. Crisply cast, very little flash and certainly no defects.
Easy-peasy to paint up using a combination of black undercoat and successive layers of grey dry-brushing plus a few highlights and details.

My 18 y.o. daughter Anna enjoys terrain work (or terraining and she likes to call it) so I handed these over to her and she did a sterling job indeed! Even better, we spent a really enjoyable 90 minutes together working and talking about nothing in particular.

I'm building up a decent sized collection of scatter terrain now to go along with the various buildings. The table is going to look sweet in a few weeks time when I get my first game proper on the go.

Next up a large batch on Imperial forces infantry which are Challenge fare, including German Seebatallion, Russian Sailors and Japanese Infantry.



  1. I really like this project. I am using the EMP French figures for 1890’s Colonial for TMWWBK’s.

  2. Love the gate - statues are brilliant, too!

  3. Nicely done Sir and good to hear that you have persuaded the next generation to get involved in this most wholesome of hobbies.

  4. Atmospheric and very impressive job!

  5. Very nice! I like a bit of scatter terrain.


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