Sunday 2 March 2014

Prince Rupert's Lifeguard of Horse

More recent painting challenge goodness on display today. This is Prince Rupert's Lifeguard of Horse, armed and armoured as befits the best of the best. No pistols in sight for these lads, it's swords out and charging into the teeth of the enemy just as Rupert taught them.

The miniatures are a mix of 28mm Renegade and Bicorne riders on Renegade horses. An absolute joy to paint as always and packed with lovely detail and character. The sashes on the Bicorne figures are especially nice.

The guidon is a commercial one for once, as opposed to my usual home made efforts. I was given it as a prize years ago when I took part in a massive ECW participation game. I commanded the Royalist cavalry and drove the enemy horse from the table with their tails well and truly between their legs. You can see the unfortunate outcome for my opposite number Russ written in plain text all over his unhappy chops. Sorry Russ, there can be no mercy when the fate of England and Thee Kinge are at stake.

Time now for a quick hello and welcome to our latest recruits. So welcome to Michael Peterson, Dungeon Master, Darcy Perry, Ed Allen and Argg.



  1. Nice paint job on the cavalry. Mmust get back to my ECW stuff . . .


  2. Lovely work as always, you have a real knack for painting horses!

    Is that Prince Robber, Duke of Plunderland in the front rank? Where is his Satanic Familiar, Boye, or should I say, "BOYELZEBUB"???
    ; )

  3. Well done on the brushwork.

    I do feel sorry for your friend. That is one unhappy fellow.

  4. Great looking cavalry...luckier next time?

  5. Well done Millsy - and proper order too.

    Hurrah for the King!

  6. Wonderfully painted unit of heavies, Michael. They look impressive and deadly. Dean

  7. Thanks folks. More on the way!


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