Friday 14 March 2014

Updated FREE Fast Play Wargames Rules

I've been doing some work of late on our Ne Plus Ultra + set of fast play rules for early horse and musket gaming. These are mainly intended for large battles in the 1700-1750 period but you could easily adapt them for earlier or later use.

The original rules were written by Nate from NDC Wargames and he very kindly gave me permission to take them and adapt them as I saw fit.

My own version 1.0 was good start but I was never entirely happy with them, feeling some of my language was a bit inconsistent and ambiguous. There were also a few loopholes and unaccounted for situations which I wanted to correct. With version 2.0 I've had a good stab at those issues and I'm now much happier with them.

The rules are really tightly written (thanks largely to Nate!) and cover just five pages in total, with an extra page of optional / advanced rules. Even so, they cover all of what I consider the core features of an "evolved" set or rules. That's just my opinion of course. :-)

Please feel free to download the rules from our Free Stuff for Gamers page. Don't forget to leave a comment telling us what you think and how we might improve them even more.


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