Saturday 3 January 2015

2014 Painting Review

This really needs no introduction save perhaps some numbers to save you having to count things for yourselves.

By System...

Dystopian Wars (1:1200)
1 x Battleship
5 x Aircraft

Warhammer Fantasy Battle  (28mm)
164 x infantry
16 x cavalry
1 x chariot
8 x monsters

English Civil War (28mm)
37 x infantry
20 x cavalry

Warhammer 40K (Mine, 28mm)
48 x infantry
1 x vehicle

Warhammer 40K (Russ' 40th Birthday presso, 28mm)
90 x infantry
3 x rockits
3 x killa kans
4 x trucks

Systemless Sci-Fi (15mm)
78 x infantry
1 x mecha
7 x vehicles

Flames of War (15mm)
228 x infantry
2 x Heavy AA guns
4 x Heavy mortars
4 x MMGs
3 x Vehicles

Warmaster Empire (10mm)
75 x infantry
38 x cavalry

Napoleonics (28mm)
11 x infantry
2 x cavalry

Napoleonics (15mm)
164 x infantry
4 x cavalry
4 x guns

By scale...

1 x Ship
5 x Aircraft

350 x infantry
38 x cavalry
8 x monsters
12 x vehicles, guns, etc.

470 x infantry
4 x cavalry
25 x vehicles, guns, etc.

75 x infantry
38 x cavalry

Or finally...

1,026 models.

So how about some photos?

A fair sized chunk of this...

Take that lead pile! Phew, I think this took me almost as long to assemble and count up as it did to paint. I hope you enjoyed looking through it...

Happy New Year everyone!

PS. I tried to apply all the relevant labels and it broke Blogger. I think that tells a tale in and of itself don't you? :-)



  1. That has been a productive year.. Some of them even look finished...;-)

  2. My own output, alas, compares unfavourably...

    Must spend more time at workbench!

  3. Your efforts in the past year got me committed to started 15mm WW2 North Africa forces and now you are tempting me with 15mm SF too...darn you!

    Lovely stuff mate!

    1. Apologies for that mate. It seems to be the way it works. At least the 15mm sci-fi is relatively cheap, smallish sized forces and easily transportable which would be good for you in your current state of affairs.

      Dave Docherty is going to cost me a lot of money on the colonial front this year too I expect for exactly the same reasons, curse him and his massive battalions... :-)

  4. 2014 was a very good year for you, Millsy! I still smile when I think about how your club painted up a whole WH army for a birthday present. What a treat!

  5. Who's been a busy boy, then? ;-)

    May 2015 be just as productive!

  6. Nice to see the roll up for all the masterful work throughout the past year. Looking forward to more great works in 2015!

  7. That's some amazing productivity there. It surprised me how many of your models I remembered from over the course of the year. Great work!

  8. So many beautiful creations in 2014! Congrats!

  9. What a year! A stunning haul of painted lead, well done that man.

  10. Thats a stunning array of completed minis there Simon and it looks that a damn good year for you

  11. Wow. I. Not even going to count - I might struggle to hit 1% of that!

  12. Crikey! That's ten years worth for me! Impressed!

  13. That's quite a decent effort in reducing the lead pile :) And with some pretty impressive quality all the way. How on earth do you find the time for all this? :P Must have a timemachine available or something like that...

  14. Very impressive, not just in quantity but also quality of painting. That is a high bench mark for 2015 to pass.

  15. Fantastic pictorial review of the year! Well done!


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