Saturday 31 January 2015

Painting Challenge Update

I'm a bit behind on my Painting Challenge Updates because I've been chained to the table in a desperate bid to take down Dave Docherty in our little side challenge. As of yesterday my efforts paid off (thankfully!) but it does mean I've been remiss in showing off new toys. So without further ado, here's some more of the recently painted stuff...

First up is the 1st Novi Byelgorod Grenadiers of Velikye Byelgorodniya, an elite unit from my mate Evan's army in our imagi-nations project, Die Krieg des Zobelshuts. Velikye Byelgorodniya is an 18thC Russian analogue and the uniforms follow the Russian style of the period (up to a point anyways). The miniatures are the wonderful Front Rank SYW Russians. Along with Artizan and Copplestone they are my favourites in the historical 28mm space. I made a bit of a hash of the order for these (to say the least!) and ordered officers for all the troops. I figured given the status of the unit that was OK though and they look pretty good en masse...

Next up are some Scots foote for my ECW project. These are all Renegade Miniatures and I've painted them as a generic unit for use by either side. The plaid was a learning experience but one that I enjoyed and I'm confident doing it now. It's all part of growing as a painter and all that.

 And here's a shot of all the ECW that was painted during the Challenge this year.

Lastly, a few pulp miniatures from the "undercoated and then forgotten" pile who took my fancy as something different to break the monotony. These rather exotic chaps are "WW1 Germans with Rocket Packs" from Eureka Miniatures and fall well and truly into that category. I believe they are now out of production which is a real shame. Now "WW1 Germans with Rocket Packs" is not a very inspiring name so I prefer to refer to them as "Raketenschiffjager", which to me sounds a lot more Pulpy.

Right, that's your lot for now. I'll try and swing another post or two this weekend to catch up. I've been promising a few pics of my entire ECW collection and the weather is fine. Maybe that'll happen sooner rather than later.



  1. Great looking minis, my favourites are these splendid grenadiers...gorgeous!

  2. You've done some marvellous work throughout the last few weeks. And congratulations on your victory in your side challenge.

  3. You've been working hard!
    Great minis all round!!!

  4. Thank you Michael, for all your effort in making this regiment table-ready, and congratulations on a well-fought campaign against an illustrious and determined adversary!

  5. great stuff Millsy... I have just the tune in mind for you "Unchained Melody"


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