Wednesday 28 January 2015


Just a quick post today in the form of a single miniature, a Pegasus for the Myth bonus round of Curt's Painting Challenge. There's still time to vote so head on over to the bonus rounds blog.

Not necessarily an enjoyable paint job but certainly challenging. It's well outside my normal sort of thing and required some thinking and more than a little care, especially on the wings.

I've no idea who sculpted or produces the miniature as I picked it up from a bargain bin at MOAB in January earlier this year. If you know the details please leave a comment!

And that's your lot for today. I'll be back on the weekend with another big challenge update, almost certainly smelling faintly of bleach.



  1. Beautiful work on the colour gradations on the coat and wings; my Good Lady Wife is especially impressed!

    This is indeed a bit of a departure for you subject-wise, but definitely extremely pointsworthy (is that a word now?).

  2. I was blown away by this, the work on the wings is just outstanding - certainly got my vote.


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