Monday 19 January 2015

Painting Challenge Update

The brush is still flying about at a fair pace here at Millsy Towers and it's time for another Painting Challenge update. My last batch of submissions included some more 28mm ECW and a further addition to my 40K Space Marines.

First up some generic Scots pike that can be used for either side...

I'd never painted plaid before but after a few attempts I got something I'm pretty happy with.

Next up was some mounted dragoons, Aston's to be precise...

On the 40K side of things I finished a small squad of Veterans with close combat weapons...

This was backed up by some heavy armoured support (at last!) in the form of a Predator Annihilator to help deal with the bigger nasties out there.

That lot took me past my previous highest point total for a Challenge and there's plenty of time left yet. I'll breach the 2000 point mark this week with the remaining Scots (shotte) and some other bits and bobs.

Before I go there's just time to welcome Just John, Bruce Sutton, Martin Cooke, Carlo Pagano, David F and Foss1066 who have all joined us recently. Great to have you aboard folks!



  1. Very impressive quality and quantity of such diverse ranges, Michael. Your 40K work is tempting me to return to the dark side - at least work on a Whirlwind I got in a trade a while back.

  2. Impressive work again Millsy! Still can't believe the speed at which you put these out. The scots with their plaid turned out great!

  3. Just amazing! How you manage to get this quality of painting done in the time is beyond me - outstanding Sir.

  4. Like I said, 'arcane powers'!

    ; )

  5. Great models with ECW and 40K, you are as bad as me for focus!

  6. Splendid! The scottish infantry is gorgeous...excellent job!

  7. A slew of amazing work. The dragoons are absolutely beautiful.

  8. 40k isn't my bag anymore, but your colours are exceptional - really crisp and punchy. And the rest are great. Too much goodness!

  9. More really strong entries. I especially liked the ECW figures, very attractive units and make the period look so tempting. Must resist!

  10. That plaid looks awesome Millsy!
    I might skip it on my 6mm ECW Covenanters though...


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