Sunday 3 July 2016

Epic Squat Progress...

What with 2016 being the Year of Getting Shit Done Projects Completed and all that I've turned my focus to my Epic 40K Squat project this week. A good few hours of squinting and I've managed to complete all the remaining vehicles on hand. Here's how they look prior to basing...

2 x Mole, 1 x Cyclops, 7 x Termites and 8 x Spartans

That leaves me with just two infantry formations to paint and base this week. Once done I'll have a cool 8,000 points of Squat red and white goodness. I'm still hunting for the ubiquitous Land Train and a Hellbore but these are just icing on the cake so to speak. Oh, an ONE single Gorgon model curse it!

More soon...



  1. Well done Millsy! I manage to get Squat done on an Epic scale quite regularly personally.

  2. Excellent work Millsy! I'm actually getting quite tempted by all that Epic stuff that's all over the blogosphere recently.

  3. Truly Epic! And truly tiny!

    Keep hunting, the elusive Gorgon may yet appear...

  4. Very nice Millsy! Always great to see Squats painted up :) Would be nice to collect an army, but the prices do seem to be quite ridiculous at times.

  5. Lovely work, brings back so many epic memories, I have a box of epic somewhere around here!

  6. Very well done, Millsy.
    Those bring up some memories of earlier days... ;-)


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