Sunday, 10 July 2016

Two more major projects completed!

I'm a man possessed! Exactly what I'm possessed or and/or by is debatable, however the consequences are undeniable. Today I've completed another TWO major long term projects.

First up is my 8,000 point Epic 40K Squat army. These wee 6mm scale "space dwarfs" have been a labour or love (and not inconsiderable expense) and now they are DONE. Well, there's still a bit of basing to do but that's on hold until I can order a metric tonne of tufts. Here they are in all their red and white glory...

Secondly, with the completion of these three Space Marine Landspeeders I've also wrapped up another of my long running 40K projects...

All up this army tops out at something like 4,300 points using 5th edition (which we refuse to give up!). The purists will note that the weapon load-outs for the speeders are non-standard. That's simply because I had a missile launcher and a pair of autocannons leftover from my Catachan Sentinels and wasn't willing to shell out a lot of shekels for extra bits when these look the business anyway.

So, now I need to decide which of my major projects to clobber next. But first, a nap and the Sunday arvo pie/footy combo. Bliss!

Stay tuned...



  1. Always good to complete* projects :)

    *no project is ever truly complete - ooh, shiny! Must add to my army... ;)

  2. That's a while lotta squats! Wow.

  3. Well done Millsy! Your squats are especially inspiring.

  4. Well done Millsy! You've earned your beer, pie and footy.
    Cheers, Peter

  5. Great work, you are possessed! When the spirit moves you, you gotta go with it and enjoy the fruits of your painting labors.

  6. The squat army is really impressive when you have them all together in picture like that. Congrats on wrapping up two projects!

  7. Love those Squats!! So fun!

    I have a pile a friend picked up at a garage sale a few years back (along with Eldar, Chaos and Orks!!) and then passed on to me. Some day I'll get to them.... I also have a pile of spare Rhinos from a Space Marine force I have in the works - I hadn't even considered adding them to the Squat force until just now - so thanks for that bit of inspiration!

    1. I'm using the netEA lists which means one brotherhood can take Rhinos (they call them "Spartans") as transports. Of course I have WAY more than I need. As usual.

  8. Good Lord man! That is a truly impressive sight, wonderful work Michael.

  9. Thanks for all the positive comments folks :-)

  10. Impressive stuff Millsy! That Squat force is massive!


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