Monday 11 July 2016

Heroic Fighters of the Known World

It seems the older I get the more interested I am in miniatures and games that I missed out on when they were first released. Take the wonderful Heroic Fighters of the Known World for example, eight finely crafted brave warriors sculpted by Jes Goodwin and released by Citadel Miniatures in 1986.

In 1986 I was way more interested in Susanna Hoffs than anything else. In fact it'd be fair to say I was interested in absolutely nothing BUT Susanna Hoffs for a good proportion of that year.

That hasn't changed, however these days I've at least found other interests to occupy some of my time. So today a package arrived on my doorstep containing (you can see where this is going)... more lead!

Hazy Shade of Pewter

The full set in absolutely great nick and ready to absorb my attention when it should be focused elsewhere (not unlike a certain female American vocalist). Whoever owned these prior to them arriving at Chez Millsy has clearly tried to replicate the original paint jobs on as they appeared on the reverse of the packaging, gorgeously painted by Colin Dixon.

For once I'm going to do exactly the same and paint my set as faithfully to the original box art as I possibly can. It'll be an interesting diversion and a wee bit of history too.

Now if you'll excuse me I have a an old VHS tape of Bangles clips to watch. Again. Go on, shoo! Susanna and I need some alone time...



  1. Now, that is a nice bit of nostalgia (both Hoffs and the minis). I remember being quite smitten with Kate Bush at that time. Both ladies have aged rather well I must say. Anyway, ahem, I look forward to seeing these eight heroes after the famed 'Millsy Treatment'.

  2. What a great project and a perfect topic for a Manic Monday! Can't wait to see how you get on and now off to see if I can find my compilation tapes from 1986!

  3. Those were great figures. Only have one left and often thought of re collecting them

  4. Strangely enough I recognised the mini's and had to google Miss Hoffs... anyway: I am really anxious to see these mini's get the Millsy-treatment, although put together with the Hoffs-thingy that might be a wrong choice of words :-P

  5. Nice acquisition! Your eBay Fu is superior, Master.

    So, going down to Liverpool anytime soon?
    ; )

  6. A great find there Millsy... And oh yes..if we find you Walking like anEgyptian we will know alright

  7. oh, classic miniatures with oldschool fantasy spirit.

  8. Nice haul Millsy! Gotta love the old sculpts! I've got a couple of them myself as well, but not the whole group unfortunately

  9. Very cool. That dude Krakhead....has a different meaning these days. :) cheers


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