Sunday 17 July 2016

Next Major Project Push... Flames of War DAK Panzergrenadiers

Having successfully pushed a couple of major projects through to completion recently I've moved onto the next one that has been sitting idle for goodness knows how long - Desert Afrika Korps Panzergrenadiers (Tunisia) for Flames of War.

I need to finish the following to put this one to bed:

1 x HQ
2 x Combat Platoons
1 x HW Platoon
1 x 10.5cm Artillery Battery

This weekend I've made a solid start, completing all the crew for the 10.5cm battery.

I've also cleaned up, primed and started blocking in the HQ and HW platoon.

This is likely to take me 2-3 weeks to complete if not longer. Despite the fact they look quite monotonal there are in fact something like 12 colours plus ink to apply. My basing scheme is also quite complex and adds something like 30% extra time to each unit too.

I'll be pleased to have these out of the way. It will leave me with next to nothing left for Flames of War, a situation I've never been in, not even once, since I picked the game up about 6 months after version one was released. I might have to pinch myself when this one gets over the line!



  1. Best of luck with this one and good to see you throw yourself into yet another big project - always impressive Sir.

  2. Nice start to the project Millsy :)

  3. Well I'm sure they'll be as nice as the rest of your DAK stuff and be quite the eye candy when all finished up

  4. I too cannot wait to see the force finished in the usual high "Millsy" quality!

  5. Jeez, Millsy, save something for the Challenge!
    ; )
    Looking forward to seeing the project as it unfolds!

  6. Looks like a promising start Michael! Now I only have to get that nagging feeling out of my head. You know the one that says: There's a project you wanted to get started yourself for a long time already.... must.resist... must.....resist.... must......... off to my LGS ;-)


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