Sunday 25 May 2014

Green Stuff Sunday aka Trolls in Sports Rehab

I'm pleased to report the prognosis for the Trolls I blogged yesterday is extremely good. Not only has the rebuilding of various feet and ankles gone to plan, now they are undercoated I'm having a deal of difficulty telling where the miniature stops and the green stuff starts. By the time they are painted and based they should be more or less indistinguishable from complete ones.

Number two from the left was the real challenge repair-wise but all four are looking good.

My only real concern now is the strength of the repairs and their ongoing longevity but as I can't do anything about it there's no sense is wasting a good worry on it either.

I also took the time to add some additional feathers to each of the four to "savage them up" a bit. I think I'll also potentially be adding some warpaint just to tie the army together. Time enough to consider that though so no rash decisions.

Edit - a VERY knowledgeable fellow Aussie over on the Oldhammer Forum has identified my trolls. They are in fact "flattering renditions" of 4th Ed GW stone trolls by an Aussie company called Inquisition Miniatures. Here's an old set from fleaBay...



  1. Thanks mate. My thought too typically regards the strength of the repair, but these are of a vintage where the lead content was much higher making them quite soft. They'll be fine in day-to-day gaming. I'm just concerned about the chance of some uncoordinated mook (i.e. yours truly) dropping them from a height. :-)

  2. The conversions (repairs) look good. I like the feathers. I suspect that these may have been somebodies surplus, and the snips were "a good idea at the time" sort of thing. One of my fears is causing consternation amongst Oldhammerers with my defilement of old lead. I've got a bunch still in the blister.

  3. Glad your source was able to track down the provenance of these figs; they must be knowledgeable indeed!

    Those figs will turn out just fine, I really don't think you have anything to worry about!

  4. Excellent surgery Millsy, I look forward to seeing your patients fully recovered!

  5. Any surgeon would be proud! ;) Great job mate.

  6. Great work on fixing these fantastic looking figures. Anxiously awaiting to see them painted up.

  7. Nice work with the scalpel.

    Your on my Liebster list, sorry (or not, you decide)


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