Sunday 11 May 2014

Paint Table Saturday

In the wake of birthday efforts for Russ things have settled into something like a normal rhythm here at Chez Mills i.e. I'm only painting at breakneck speed, not near-light speed :-). This week I've been working on 15mm Napoleonic Saxons for our big game coming up in early June.

4.5 battalions of Saxons down, 1.5 to go. Let's not talk about the two trays full of other stuff...

However, you can only paint wee men white for so long though and a new project has crept onto the table - Warhammer Fantasy Savage Orcs. Yes, really.

I had zero interest in Savage Orcs until Russ gave me a handful. Cue Acute Perry-Citadel-itis, my evil nemesis...

These archers are possibly the most pointless unit you can field as a Savage Orc commander. They're average shots and prone to Frenzy so more than likely to go tearing off to attack stuff in melee "Coz itz wot we boyz do ta kill da umies!!!". So of course I have two units of 14 of them. With full command.

What I really need is more run-o-the-mill foot sloggers. If people out there in blog land have Perry-era metal figs for trade or purchase please let me know. I (clearly) don't need any more archers but I do need these types of chaps...

Anything from the top half of the page - Savage Orc Boyz

Same here, anything from the bottom half of the page - Savage Orc Boyz

Plus a few other things besides. You can contact me using the form in the side margin.

And before I go a warm welcome to Der Feldmarshall, Springinsfeld, MiniMike, maximex and Destiny.



  1. I love those Perry twins! I've painted a few Orcs in my time and their sculpts are definitely my favourite. Good luck with your hunt, they are mighty rare these days.

  2. Blimey, that's a helluva rare army to try and track down. Perry Orcs, and Savage Orcs at that?

    A cursory glance at eBay indicates that if anyone has these, they're hanging on to them!

    I foresee a great quest...!

  3. Loving the look of those green skins.


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